Blue Rose has developed one of the fastest HFT platform.

The platform allows High Frequency Traders to get Securities quotes in less than 2 micro seconds. It can execute orders in less than 1 micro seconds. This allows for an end to end strategy execution to be around 5-6 micro seconds.

HFT solution is available in as a hardware as well as software based solutions. Solution is designed and developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading hardware companies.

Key features are:

  • Cross Platform Trading Solution
  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Based on unique combination of various technologies including optimized hardware architecture, network processors, Deep Packet
  • Inspection and optimized software architecture
  • Deterministic
  • Ultra-Low Latency Feed Handler (< 2 micro second)
  • Ultra-Low Latency Order Execution Platform ( <1 micro second + Exchange delay)
  • Open Platform for Algorithm Integration
  • Support all major US exchanges
  • Other exchanges can be added within weeks
  • Available as hardware as well as Software based solution

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